Wildlife & Habitat

Stilt flying

Thirty-one species of birds, including endangered ae‘o (Hawaiian stilt), ‘alae ke‘oke‘o (Hawaiian coot), ‘alae‘ula (Hawaiian moorhen), nēnē (Hawaiian goose), and koloa maoli (Hawaiian duck) can be found at Huleia National Wildlife Refuge. 

  • Endangered Birds

    Stilt thimbail

    Hulē‘ia National Wildlife Refuge provides critical nesting, feeding and resting habitat for five endangered birds.

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  • Shorebirds

    Plover thumbnail

    Shorebirds seen in Hawai‘i are migrants. They breed in Alaska, Canada, and Siberia and spend their winters in the tropics. At Hulē‘ia NWR, they forage at the outlet and mudflats on the refuge, picking invertebrates and small fish from the mud and shallow water. They may also be seen in the fields, foraging for insects.

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