Resource Management


In accordance with the mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, one of the most important management functions at Hulē‘ia NWR is to provide habitat that meets the life history requirement needs of the five endangered water birds, with an emphasis on the kaola maoli. We accomplish this goal by:

  • optimizing water levels for maximum habitat size and value for endangered, resident, and migrating water birds while reducing the negative effects of invasive species 
  • constructing impoundments with small islands for nesting and roosting, controlling water level, disking, tilling, and spraying herbicide when necessary 
  • conducting predator control 
  • expanding understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of the wetland and coastal ecosystems through wildlife-oriented educational opportunities; and
  • developing cross-programmatic and community partnerships to enhance wetland and watershed habitats. 

An ongoing challenge for the next 7-10 years will be to create and restore 60 acres of open, productive wetlands for waterbird production and maintenance for the five endangered waterbirds.