Dog Walking

Dog Walking at Hobe Sound

Leashed dogs are only permitted on the trails around the Visitor Center. Pets of any kind are NOT permitted anywhere else on the Refuge, which includes the beach at the north end of the Refuge (on Jupiter Island). Not allowing dogs on the Atlantic Coast beach protects sea turtles and nesting shorebirds, many of which are federally protected. 

View a map of where pets are allowed here.

Know Before You Go

Information for Leashed Dogs on the Visitor Center Trails
  • Venomous snakes, biting insects, toxic plants, and sensitive habitats exist at the Refuge
  • Always keep a very close eye on your pet
  • Avoid areas with tall vegetation
  • Walk your pet in the center of trails
  • Pick up pet waste
Pets of any kind are not permitted on the Atlantic Coast beach at the north end of Jupiter Island.

We greatly appreciate your compliance with the Refuge’s pet policy and your support of our conservation efforts!