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  • Passes

    Entrance Fees

    A $5 daily parking fee is required for the Refuge Atlantic Ocean beach parking lot which is located at the very north end of North Beach Road. A $25 annual pass for the Refuge beach parking lot can be obtained from the Visitor Center, Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

    The Visitor Center and its parking lot are free.

    Learn more about our Hours and Entrance Fees.

  • Permits

    Special Use Permits

    Certain refuge activities, including, but not limited to scientific research and all commercial activities require a special use permit. Permits must be secured before any special use activity commences on the refuge. Plan ahead and allow for 30 working days to process the permit.

    Priority will be given to studies or activities that contribute to the enhancement, protection, use, preservation and management of native wildlife populations and their habitats. The following are some of the things that will be considered in the determination of whether to issue an SUP:

    • Will the project benefit the refuge?
    • Does the project address an issue of direct management concern to the refuge?
    • Does the project address an issue of concern for overall South Florida ecosystem?
    • Can the activity/research be conducted elsewhere?
    • Is the activity compatible with the objectives of the refuge?
    • Will the use require the use of government equipment or personnel?
    • Is the applicant(s) qualified?

    For more information on the permitting process and to learn if your special project requires a permit please contact the refuge office.

    To apply for a special use permit, please use the correct form below:

    Commercial Activity Special Use Permit Application (FWS Form 3-1383-C)
    For commercial activities such as guided tours, commercial filming (audio, video, and photographic products of a monetary value), or other.

    Research and Monitoring Special Use Permit Application (FWS Form 3-1383-R)
    For research and monitoring activities by students, universities, or other non-FWS organizations.

    General Activities Special Use Permit Application (FWS Form 3-1383-G)
    For miscellaneous one-time events, education activities, or other activity not mentioned above.