Bristle-thighed curlews

Shorebirds are a group of birds that live along coastlines and in a variety of marine and freshwater wetlands. They include the curlews, plovers, sanderlings, tattlers, and turnstones. 

  • Bristle-thighed Curlew

    BT curlew thumbnail

    This migratory bird is unique among shorebirds because it becomes flightless during their autumnal molt.  

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  • Pacific Golden Plover

    Pacific golden plover thumbnail

    This migratory shorebird breeds in western Alaska and Siberia and winters on islands across the Pacific Ocean, through southeast Asia, to northeastern Africa.  

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  • Sanderling

    Sanderling thumbnail

    This migratory shorebird gather in loose flocks to probe the sand of wave-washed beaches for marine invertebrates, running back and forth in a perpetual “wave chase.”  

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  • Ruddy Turnstone

    Turnstone thumbnail

    This migratory shorebird is a swift, strong flyer that travels in small flocks and covers long distances in a short amount of time – birds that departed St. George Island in the Pribilofs, Alaska, traveled to French Frigate Shoals in the Hawaiian Archipelago (a distance of 2,259 miles) in 3.5 days. 

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  • Wandering Tattler

    WATA thumbnail

    This migratory shorebird can be seen bobbing and teetering among the rocks and waves during winter and migration 

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