Land Birds

Laysan Finches1

Four protected, endangered land bird species are found within the Refuge. Three passerines - the Laysan finch, found on Laysan Island and Pearl and Hermes Atoll, and the Nihoa finch and the Nihoa millerbird, which are endemic to Nihoa. One waterfowl species, the Laysan Duck was once found throughout the archipelago, but until a successful translocation attempt, they were only found on Laysan Island.

  • Laysan Duck

  • Laysan Finch

    Laysan finch thumbnail

    This member of the Hawaiian honeycreeper group is rather common on its namesake island, now averaging several birds per acre. 

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  • Nihoa Finch

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    The Nihoa finch is very similar to the Laysan finch but smaller and lives only on the tiny island of Nihoa.

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  • Nihoa Millerbird

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    These shy little birds spend their time near the ground in goosefoot (Chenopodium sanwicheum) and ilima (Sida Fallax), where they forage for insects.  

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