About the Refuge

View of the Harbor

Harbor Island National Wildlife Refuge is located just off the northwest shore of Drummond Island in Potagannissing Bay on Lake Huron. Managed by Seney National Wildlife Refuge, the 695-acre horseshoe-shaped island hosts a variety of habitats and wildlife. Harbor Island was obtained from The Nature Conservancy in 1983.

Refuge habitats include a marsh-lined harbor in the center, sandy beaches, and mature stands of balsam fir, white cedar, paper birch, sugar maple and red oak. The gently rolling terrain of the island peaks around 100 feet above the level of the lake. Resident wildlife species include red fox, ruffed grouse, snowshoe hare, white-throated sparrows, white-tailed deer, gray jays and magnolia warblers. Gray wolves from St. Joseph Island, Ontario are thought to hunt the island during winter months. Of special note is that in 1965-1978 Louis Benua visited Harbor Island and nearby islands and noted a number of large predators, including Canada Lynx. For more information see the 1978 Harbor Island Report prepared for The Nature Conservancy.