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Resource Management

Resource MgtThrough habitat management programs, such as prescribed burning, biologists are restoring the ecosystem that existed in this area prior to European settlement. The native plants and wildlife that depend on these habitats are adapted to fire and depend on periodic burning to thrive.


The area of Hamden Slough National Wildlife Refuge was once open prairie with numerous wetlands and large shallow lakes. However, in the early 1900s, the area of Hamden Slough was drained and the plowing of prairies began. Habitat loss is one of the major reasons for the decline in many wetland and grassland dependent species. Today, the refuge focuses efforts on restoring native tallgrass prairie and wetlands. After restoration, these areas are managed to provide quality habitat for grassland-nesting and wetland-dependent birds; however all wildlife benefit. A few of the management techniques used are prescribed fire, water level management and grazing to achieve habitat requirements for a variety of wildlife.


Last Updated: Jan 17, 2013
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