Senior and Access Passes

America the Beautiful Senior and Access Passes available at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge Monday through Friday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm.  NOTE:  THEY ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON WEEKENDS OR FEDERAL HOLIDAYS.

What is the Senior Pass?  

A $80.00 lifetime pass for U.S. citizens or permanent residents who are 62 years or older (you must have turned 62 before you can buy the pass) that provides access to more than 2,000 Federal recreation sites managed by five different agencies.  Up to 100% of the proceeds are used to improve and enhance visitor recreation services. At many sites the Senior Pass provides the pass owner a discount on Expanded Amenity Fees (such as camping, swimming, boat launching, and guided tours).

What is the Access Pass?  

A free lifetime pass for U.S. citizens or permanent residents of any age that have been medically determined to have a permanent disability that severely limits one or more major life activities.

A permanent disability is a permanent physical, mental, or sensory impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, such as caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning, and working.

If I am partially disabled do I qualify for the Access Pass?

The disability requirements for the Access Pass are not based on percentage of disability. To qualify for the Pass the disability must be permanent and limit one or more major life activities.

How do I prove I'm permanently disabled?

Some examples of acceptable documentation include:

  • Statement by a licensed physician;
  • Document issued by Federal agency such as the Veteran's Administration, Social Security Disability  Income, or Supplemental Security Income;
  • Document issued by a State agency such as a vocational rehabilitation agency.