Resource Management

Image of a hermit crab on Rtidian beach with a fisherman in the distance.

Wildlife conservation is the fundamental mission of the National Wildlife Refuge System. Wildlife and wildlife conservation come first at the Guam National Wildlife Refuge.

One of the most important management functions of all refuges is protecting wildlife. Our management goals highlight this pivotal objective and include the following:

  • Protect and manage endangered and threatened species and their habitats to promote recovery of the species that are or can be supported on the refuge
  • Protect and enhance refuge habitat, both marine and terrestrial, to ensure suitable roosting, foraging, and nesting habitat is available for the suite of species that historically occurred on the refuge
  • Relocate and protect swiftlets or rails and their habitat
  • Protect and enhance endangered Serianthes and other rare plants
  • Control the brown tree snake on the refuge
  • Protect the coral reef and associated marine species
  • Manage feral ungulates and other invasive species on the refuge to achieve refuge purposes
  • Monitor management results to make informed adaptive management decisions
  • Expand partnerships with the Guam Department of Agriculture, University of Guam, DoD, and other conservation partners to increase benefits to natural resources