Camp for Kids

Camp Shutterbug is a digital photography workshop developed to raise children’s awareness and appreciation of the outdoors. As a part of the “LET’S GO OUTSIDE” initiative, Camp Shutterbug provides children an opportunity to learn about Guam’s National Wildlife Refuge at Ritidian, as participants in the workshop that centers on wildlife, landscape, and conservation.

Guam National Wildlife Refuge, Ritidian Unit, offers children aged 6-15 the opportunity to participate in Camp Shutterbug, a digital photography workshop. Children are given instruction in a one-day workshop on the fundamentals of digital photograph before putting their newly learned skills to the test, during two one-day outings around the refuge. These outings allow participants to enjoy the scenery, wildlife, and vegetation, as well as to learn about the Chamorro (CHamoru) people who have lived on the island for approximately 4,000 years, all while practicing their newly obtained photography skills. Once the outings are complete, all photos are organized into categories and judged based on age groups. Winners are then announced, prizes are given, and the winner’s photos are featured on the Guam National Wildlife Refuge’s official website. For more information on Camp Shutterbug, please contact Emily Sablan at (671) 355-4008 extension 101 or via email at