About the Refuge

South refuge sign

The Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes National Wildlife Refuge was established in 2000 at 2, 553 acres located in the heart of an 18-mile long coastal dunes complex.  The refuge is located five miles northwest of Guadalupe, California, and the refuge boundary covers 1.8 miles of beach front, extending three miles inland.

This dunes complex is recognized as a National Natural Landmark, and contains some of the most remote and least disturbed habitats in the dunes complex. Habitats include fore dune, open sand, back dune, coastal dune scrub, dune swale, and several wetland types.
Home to more than 120 species of rare plants and animals, the refuge provides a safe place for species such as La Graciosa thistle, surf thistle, beach spectacle pod, giant coreopsis, California red-legged frog, western snowy plover, and California least tern. 
At this time, the refuge is undergoing a very important milestone in which the next 15 years of management will be planned.  The Comprehensive Conservation Plan for the refuge is currently in its planning phase with public scoping meetings scheduled.  Please visit our Conservation page to find out more!