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Rules and Regulations

Cholla view / USFWSTo protect habitat and keep Grulla National Wildlife Refuge a safe place for wildlife and people, please follow these simple rules:

  • Please drive only on designated roads. 
  • Firearms, bows, and other weapons are prohibited. 
  • Grulla National Wildlife Refuge should be a quiet place to enjoy nature--please leave fireworks, loud radios, and other sound equipment at home. 
  • Hiking is allowed throughout the refuge except areas adjacent to the residence and refuge lake shores (which are closed during periods of high use by sandhill cranes and waterfowl). 
  • Keep wild things wild--all plants and animals are protected and should not be disturbed or collected. 
  • Hunting, horseback riding, fishing, ATVs, boating, and swimming are not allowed on the refuge. 
  • Please leave only your footprints; take all litter with you. 
  • Please keep all pets on a leash; or better yet, leave your pets at home. 
Page Photo Credits — Cholla cactus blooming / USFWS
Last Updated: Sep 02, 2013
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