Wildlife & Habitat

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The Green River National Wildlife Refuge was established to restore and manage valuable bottomland hardwood forest, wetlands, uplands, and agricultural lands for the benefit of migratory birds, threatened and endangered species, and a variety or other wildlife.

  • Habitat

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    The area has been considered ecologically important by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service since 1958. Learn about the rich habitat that wildlife calls home.

  • Mammals

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    Mammal species include many of those commonly found in the eastern United States such as raccoon, white-tailed deer, mink, muskrat, bobcat, river otter, beaver, and a
    variety of small mammals. Several species of bats breed and hibernate in the area.

  • Birds

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    Over 350 species of birds have been recorded in Kentucky, of these, approximately 150 species breed in the state. Green River National Wildlife Refuge provides important habitat for a variety of these bird species. In addition to many resident and short-distance migratory species, these habitats are important to many neotropical migratory songbirds, providing breeding and wintering habitat and serving as stopover sites during their long migration. During periods of flooding from the Ohio and Green Rivers, significant populations of wintering and migratory waterfowl are observed in the area.

  • Fish and Aquatic Animals

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    Big river species such as paddlefish, lake sturgeon, catfish, carp, buffalo, and gar use the main stems of the Ohio and Green Rivers. Freshwater game species such as crappie, bluegill, and largemouth bass can be found in the backwater areas and in creeks and river sloughs.
    In addition to fish, the area supports a variety of mussels, crayfish, and other aquatic invertebrate species.

  • Amphibians and Reptiles

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    The area provides habitat for a variety of amphibian and reptile species. The Copperbelly water snake, a protected species, can be found in the wetlands. In addition, several State species of concern are supported, including bird-voiced treefrog, Northern crawfish frog, midland smooth softshell turtle, western mud snake, and the eastern ribbon snake

  • Threatened and Endangered Species

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    The Conservation Partnership Area of Green River National Wildlife Refuge supports several threatened and endangered species and many state listed and priority species. 

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