About the Refuge

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Established in November of 2019, Green River is the 568th National Wildlife Refuge in the nation, and the second refuge managed in Kentucky.

This is a newly established refuge with a small amount of acerage and is located in Henderson, Kentucky, near the confluence of the Ohio and Green rivers. Because of its location near the two rivers, the area is historically known for wetland forest. This important habitat helps support migrating waterfowl, songbirds, fish, and other wildlife.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service identified a 53,000-acre Conservation Partnership Area, from which the Service will assemble 24,000 acres of land through donation and acquisition from willing sellers to create the refuge. This is a long-term conservation effort that may take decades to complete. The number of willing sellers and availability of funding will determine the timeline for completing land acquisition. Once established, the refuge can provide recreational opportunities for visitors, including hunting and fishing.