Shallow Waters

The "Backcountry"
shallow waters

The shallow waters of the Great White Heron NWR are locally referred to as the "Backcountry".  These shallow waters vary from mud and sandbars to seagrass flats to rocky bottom.  These habitats are very important nursery areas for hundreds of species of fish and invertebrates.  They provide foraging areas for dozens of species of wading birds, pelicans, double-crested cormorant and other species.  Larger fish including sharks, stingrays, and sea turtles use the shallow waters to feed on smaller fishes and invertebrates.

These shallow areas are particularly vulnerable to impacts from boats, and are frequently damaged by boat propellers, anchors, and more. Regulations and zones are in place to minimize disturbance to these habitats and the wildlife that lives here.  

Facts About Shallow Waters

Tips For Boating Through Shallow Water Areas:

Wear polarized sunglasses

Use marked channels

Use a chart or GPS

Keep track of tides

Remember this saying:

"Brown brown run aground, white white you just might, blue blue run on through, green green nice and clean"