About the Refuge


Great River National Wildlife Refuge is made up of three divisions within the floodplain of the Mississippi River. The northern most refuge is Fox Island Division located in Missouri just south of the Iowa border near Alexandria, Missouri. The Long Island Division is situated on the Illinois side north of Quincy, Illinois and the Delair Division is also located in Illinois across the river from Louisiana, Missouri. 

The refuge restores and mimics the mosaic of habitats that were historically found along the Mississippi River. Slow moving backwaters, floodplain forests, wetlands, sedge meadows and grasslands combine to provide food, shelter, and resting areas for a variety of birds.

Contact the Refuge

Phone: 573-847-2333
37599 County Road 206
Annada, Missouri 63330

E-mail: GreatRiver@fws.gov

* Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals may reach the Great River National Wildlife Refuge through Missouri Relay dialing: 
1-880-735-2966  TTY/TTD/ASCII
1-866-735-2460  Voice
1-800-735-0135  VCO
1-800-520-7309  Spanish TTY
1-877-735-7877  Spanish Speech to Speech