Visitor Activities

Visitors walking in the woods
  • Hiking, Biking, and Auto Tour


    "What can I do here?"  The refuge has over 80 miles of trails open for hiking and biking.  For a more relaxing visit try the Auto Tour route.  No matter if spring, summer, fall, or winter which ever way works best for as a nature lover, you will enjoy your visit.

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  • Wildlife Viewing and Photography


    Come prepared to pick a spot and watch all that will pass your way.

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  • Environmental Education and Interpretation


    Environmental education and interpretative programs are scheduled seasonally based upon staff availability. Check the home page of the refuge website for the current Calendar of Events.

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  • Boating and Fishing


    Lake Drummond is a special place for boating and fishing.  Ask anyone that has ever spent a day wandering along the shore line between the ancient cypress trees.  Access to the Lake can be from either the east, through Chesapeake, or from the west, through Suffolk.

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  • Hunting


    Hunting on the refuge occurs on selected days in October and November each year.  There is a 12 day white tail deer hunt and a 6 day american black bear hunt.  The two hunts occur at the same time. Check the current year's hunt schedule for exact hunt days. Each hunt requires a special refuge hunt permit as well as the appropriate state hunting licenses and tags.

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