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Dunlin Flock 512x219

During spring migration in late April and early May, shorebirds arrive at Grays Harbor by the tens of thousands to refuel before continuing their journey north.

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    Greater Yellowlegs 150x118

    The sight of so many shorebirds would be impressive even to individuals with little or no birding knowledge, but to tell one species of shorebird apart from the next can be challenging even for those with a well-trained eye.

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    Peregine close 150x118

    Just as shorebirds come to feed on the microorganisms of the mudflats, so raptors come to feed on the large flocks of shorebirds.  This video, taken at the shorebird festival in 2010, shows the impressive, though typical, scene as a falcon scares shorebirds into mesmerizing avoidance behavior.

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