Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regs

The refuge is closed to the public with the exception of licensed deer hunters.

The refuge is open for deer hunting in accordance with state-wide seasons and regulations Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources . No special refuge permits are required. The refuge is located within the Central Farmland Deer Management Zone. For more information consult the Refuge hunting brochure or contact the Complex headquarters at 920-387-2658. 

2019 Fox River NWR Deer Hunting Map and Regulations   

Hunting Regulations 

Access is restricted to one hour before to one hour after legal hunting hours. 
  • parking is allowed in designated lots only
  • boats are prohibited on the refuge but may be used on the Fox river to access the west side of refuge
  • foot travel only
  • Hunters may not enter areas posted as "NO HUNTING ZONE"
  • portable tree stands may be used but cannot be left overnight
  • construction or use of permanent blinds or tree stands is prohibited 
  • Other prohibited activities include: scouting, camping, fires in any form, littering, baiting, shining to    locate or harvest deer, or use of drones
  • Respect private property and know the boundaries. The refuge boundary is clearly posted with white   "National Wildlife Refuge" signs.
To report a wildlife violation on the refuge call 1-844-FWS-TIPS (1-844-397-8477).