Bison Blood Draw

Science is an important part of managing a National Wildlife Refuge. With better scientific information available, better management decisions are made to maintain the refuge habitats.  

Pictured above USFWS employee Lee Jones takes a blood sample from a bison at Fort Niobrara during the annual roundup. Blood is tested for various things to help determine herd health and genetic makeup.

Refuge managers and biologists conduct scientific inventory and monitoring of the habitats and wildlife on the refuge. For example, they conduct vegetation surveys, bird counts, fish surveys, insect surveys, and wildlife surveys. It is important to know what lives on the refuge. It is also important to know what types of plants and animals historically used the refuge. The information they obtain is used to make decisions in how to best maintain or improve habitat conditions to provide for the diverse array of plants and animals that live on the refuge and surrounding area.  


Information for Researchers


A special use permit is required to conduct research or monitoring on the Refuge. Researchers will need to provide us with a written proposal for evaluation. Contact the Refuge Manager at 402-376-3789 for a special use permit application and further information. At the conclusion of a project, the Refuge will require copies of published papers or research reports.