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 Specifically, our goals in SWFL are to:   

  • promote the control of invasive species on all land types;
  • organize and attend educational events;
  • hold workdays to treat invasive species across fences;
  • distribute information on new invasive species sightings and control efforts;
  • work to fill in gaps in treatment methods for invasive species; and
  • create local “look out for” lists

Why is working across fences important?

Florida is an inviting destination for invasive species that threaten to undermine the health of the state's fragile environment. Non-native plants and animals can greatly alter the native landscape, adversely impact native wildlife, destroy agricultural crops and threaten public health. Public and private land managers in Florida agree that invasive non-native species are a statewide problem with high ecological and economic costs.

Because invasive species are not confined by fences, property lines, or political boundaries, a cooperative approach is needed to connect private landowners and public land managers with invasive species expertise and assistance programs. All stakeholders, both public and private, can benefit from collaborative efforts to reduce the threat.

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