Volunteer Opportunities

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Want to Volunteer?

Many opportunities exist for you to donate your time and talents for conservation. Whether you want to give a few hours now or hope to participate in weekly or monthly activities, the refuge has projects for individuals and groups.  Explore the list below for ways to support local wildlife.

Are you excited by something on the list or have unique talents or timeframe?  We need to make an assessment of how to match your desires to assist with what it takes to safely and effectively fill our needs.   Fill out an application and email it to floridapanther@fws.gov, or contact the refuge at 239-657-8001 with questions.


To ensure conservation measures are needed or working effectively, environmental conditions and wildlife are monitored on an on-going basis.  Everything from birds to amphibians, habitat and invasive species are monitored at the refuge.  Some existing knowledge is helpful to complete these tasks. Training may be available.

Time Commitment: On-going (weekly or monthly)

Facilities Maintenance

Buildings, sign and trails take effort to maintain.  Adopt a trail, help inventory and maintain refuge signs, keep our headquarters grounds looking great or donate your carpentry skills.

Time Commitment: One-time (several hours to one-day) or on-going (weekly or monthly)

Habitat Maintenance

It takes a village to keep refuge lands looking good.  Go on litter patrol or search for and pull invasive plants.  Several restoration projects need on-going plant removal.

Time Commitment: One-time (several hours to one-day) or on-going (weekly or monthly)

Education and Outreach

Sharing the stories of wildlife and conservation is an important part of ensuring a future full of land stewards and refuge support.  There are many ways to contribute, from behind the scenes or on the front line.

Behind the scenes: Use your photography and videography skills to photo document refuge wildlife and activities, or contribute images or video to the refuge website or Facebook page.  Like to write? Prepare interest stories for the web, newsletter or press.

In the spotlight: Receive training to be a volunteer instructor with refuge environmental education programs or public events.  Use your knowledge and talents to plan, host or co-host a walk, talk or activity about the Florida Panther or South Florida wildlife.

Time Commitment: One-time (several hours to one-day) or on-going (weekly or monthly)

Administrative Support

There are plenty to do in the office, too! Help with data entry, filing or scanning historic documents.

Time Commitment: One-time (several hours to one-day) or on-going (weekly or monthly)

Conservation Events and Activities

On occasion the refuge seeks volunteers to participate in conservation activities such as tree planting, weed-pulling, trash pick-ups, or distributing "living with wildlife" information to nearby neighbors.  Look for these events on our website.  Contact the refuge to be added to our email list to be notified of upcoming activities.

Time Commitment: several hours to one day