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Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge is truly "Nature in the Backyard" for several area communities, all within a 40-minute drive of the Refuge.

Below are the communities nearest Flint Hills NWR. Mileages and directions are from the Refuge Visitor Center to the city limits of each town.



18 Miles to the northwest.  Emporia has lodging, gas/fuel, retail stores, and an abundant choice of restaurants.  To reach Emporia from the visitor center, travel three-eighths of a mile to K-130.  Head north on K-130 for eight miles until you reach I-35.  Turn south on I-35 and go ten miles to Emporia.  The majority of the hotels and restaurants are located on the Industrial St exit.  

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20 Miles to the southeast.  Burlington has lodging, gas/fuel, retail stores and several restaurants.  To reach Burlington from the visitor center, travel two-eights a mile to Mechanic St and take a right.  From there travel south for 8 miles until you reach 12th rd.  Make a left turn(east) on 12th Rd. and travel 12 more miles to the city limits. 

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