Law Enforcement

Making Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge a better place for wildlife, wildlife habitat, and the visitors who come to experience the Refuge.

Certain regulations are necessary for the protection of wildlife and wildlife habitat, and for the safety of visitors. Observance of these rules will help make the Refuge a better place for visitors and the wildlife they come to enjoy. The Refuge Manager reserves the right to close all or part of the Refuge to hunting and/or public access at any time. Specific regulations will be posted. The Refuge is also subject to Federal, State, and local laws and regulations.

Regulatory Signs

Please obey the following signs you may encounter at Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge:


Refuge boundary sign


 Area Closed

Vehicle, foot, or any other travel beyond this sign is prohibited.

 Public Hunting Area sign 

The area beyond this sign is open to hunting; please consult handouts and maps available at any Flint Hill's kiosk.

 No Hunting Zone sign 

No hunting is allowed in the area beyond this sign.

 Non-toxic Shot Zone sign 

Non-toxic shot is the only type allowed at Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge.