Resource Management

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To help plants and wildlife, refuge staff uses a variety of habitat management techniques to maintain, recover or enhance plant and wildlife values.

Refuge staff carefully considers many management techniques and employs them in varying degrees according to the situation. Management actions create, restore, and maintain diverse habitats to encourage use by many wildlife species. Some habitat management activities at Felsenthal NWR include monitoring RCW survival, prescribed burning, thinning and regeneration of forest stands, biological control of invasive plants, and migratory waterfowl monitoring.


Trapping Occurs on this Refuge

Trapping is a wildlife management tool used on some national wildlife refuges. Trapping may be used to protect endangered and threatened species or migratory birds or to control certain wildlife populations. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service also views trapping as a legitimate recreational and economic activity when there are harvestable surpluses of fur-bearing mammals. Outside of Alaska, refuges that permit trapping as a recreational use may require trappers to obtain a refuge special use permit. Signs are posted on refuges where trapping occurs. Contact the refuge manager for specific regulations. Click here for more information on trapping within the National Wildlife Refuge System.


Compatibility Determinations (CD) for Review:


There are no CD's available at this time. 


New Hunt/Fish Program Changes, August 31, 2021: 

Felsenthal NWR has made changes to the hunt/fish program in the Final 2021-2022 Station-Specific Hunting and Sport Fishing Regulations process.

Habitat Management Plan:

In October of 2015, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) published a Draft Habitat Management Plan (HMP) for Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge (NWR or Refuge) to guide habitat management over the next 15 years. A Habitat Management Plan is a dynamic working document with a long-term vision. The plan will provide direction for the next fifteen years (2015 – 2030), with subsequent reviews every five years, and use of adaptive management principles to assess and modify management activities as required.

Click here to view the full version of the proposed Habitat Management Plan. 

Click here to view the proposed Habitat Management Plan summary and fact sheet. 

Public meeting transcripts and comments are now available to view by clicking on the links below. 

El Dorado Public Meeting Transcripts

Bradley County Public Meeting Transcripts 

Ashley County Public Meeting Transcripts 

Public Comment - Set #1

Public Comment - Set #2

Public Comment - Set #3 


******* The Felsenthal NWR Habitat Management Plan has now been finalized.*******

Click HERE for the official press release and plan announcement. 

 The fact sheet and summary below addresses key management activities that were modified in the plan. (The full plan is soon to follow) 

HMP - Final Version Summary  

HMP - Full Version 


Trapping Plans, Environmental Assessments, and Compatibility Determinations- are now available for public review and comment for South Arkansas Refuges Complex. The interested public has until April 18, 2016 to provide comment. 

Click HERE for the official press release and how to comment. 

The following plans are attached below: