Quota Turkey Hunt Procedures and Applications

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The 2020 Quota Turkey Hunt application and permitting process will be administered through the RecAccess website. Read the details below thoroughly before accessing the Permit Site. 

A total of 50 permits will be issued for each hunt. Important dates are listed below:

 Application Period: January 2 – January 31
Drawing and Hunter Notification: February 12, 2021
Successful Applicants Payments Due: March 12, 2021
Quota Adult Turkey Hunt: April 19-21, 2021
Quota Youth Turkey Hunt: April 10-11, 2021

 All applicants are subject to a $5.00 non-refundable application fee for quota hunts. Successful applicants will be charged an additional $15.00 per permit fee. 

How to Apply for Turkey Quota Hunts

 **If you already created a RecAccess account during the Quota Deer Hunts for this National Wildlife Refuge or any other National Wildlife Refuge you must use that account.**


1. Obtain a RecAccess Account

EVERYONE applying for or purchasing a quota hunt permit must register their own individual account. Once your account is created you will receive a RAID number (RecAccess ID). 

2. Log-in to Your Account

After logging in, you will be able to navigate the site to apply for a Quota Hunt, purchase permits, edit your account profile, view/print your existing permits and more.

Group Applications
Up to five hunters may apply as a hunt party. Groups must be made during one session. Individuals may not be added later. Each persons RAID numbers are required to create a group. 

Please note, submissions of any person’s name more than once for the same Hunt Type will result in disqualification. 

3. Email Notifications 

All applicants will receive a confirmation email via the address provided in their account. If you do not receive an email confirmation immediately following your application session, contact the Refuge for further assistance.

4. Permit Drawing

The drawing will be held on February 12, 2019, with email notifications sent to both successful and unsuccessful applicants soon thereafter. Successful applicants will have until March 12, 2019 to submit the $15.00 fee per winning application and secure their permit. Note, there will be NO leniency for late submissions as ALL fees must be paid by the due date.


Click here to enter the site:

                                               FELSENTHAL NWR QUOTA PERMIT SITE 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I don’t remember my userrname/password. How can I get that?
You can reset your username and password by visiting the RecAccess site. The reset will send you a link via your email to recreate.

2. Does a youth have to have an account?
- Yes, everyone applying for or purchasing a permit must have their own account.

3. If I have a youth applying for the designated youth hunt, do I need to apply as well?
- No, chaperoning adults do not need to apply with the child during the youth hunt.

4. If I want to bring someone along on the adult hunt but they aren’t hunting, do they still need a permit?
- Yes, anyone in the woods during the adult turkey hunt requires a permit.


For questions or help with applications or procedures, please contact Amanda Wilkinson @ 870-364-3167