Wildlife & Habitat

Elephant Seal Relaxing

Seabirds and mammals take advantage of the remote rocky islands off the coast of California.  Farallon National Wildlife Refuge supports the largest seabird nesting colony in the contiguous United States.  More than 400 species of birds have been recorded on the refuge, and  five species of marine mammals pup or haul out on the refuge.

  • Seabirds

    Tufted Puffins on Slope

    Twenty-five percent of breeding seabird populations in California occur on the Farallon islands.  Thirteen species nest on the islands including Leach's Storm-petrel; Ashy Storm-petrel; Fork-tailed Storm-petrel; Double-crested Cormorant; Brandt's Cormorant; Pelagic Cormorant; Black Oystercatcher; Western Gull; Common Murre; Pigeon Guillemot; Cassin's Auklet; Rhinocerous Auklet; and Tufted Puffin.  Point Blue Conservation Science (formerly known as PRBO Conservation Science) has been monitoring these seabird populations since 1971.

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  • Pinnipeds

    Young Elephant Seal

    Northern fur seals, Stellar sea lions, California sea lions, harbor seals, and northern elephant seals breed or haul-out onto Farallon Refuge.  Populations of some species are on the rise.

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  • Other Birds and Wildlife

    Arboreal Salamander in Cave

    In addition to seabirds, the refuge is home to a variety of endemic species including white sharks, hoary bats, and arboreal salamanders.

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