Resource Management

cows on refuge

Refuge management from afar: Hands-on or Hands-off?

To help understand the unique plants and wildlife found at most National Wildlife Refuges, FWS staff use a variety of habitat management techniques to maintain, recover or enhance plant and wildlife values. Refuge staff carefully consider management techniques and employ them in varying degrees according to the situation. 


Because of its remote location, limited public access, and extremely limited surface water availability, Fallon NWR currently is not actively managed for any particular species of wildlife or plants, but rather from a larger desert ecosystem approach.  Standardized wildlife and vegetation surveys are conducted on an 'as-needed' basis or when climate events dictate, to inventory populations and document habitat and human use. The refuge is a prime example of letting nature take its course. Sometimes nature competes with domestic livestock for the limited resources the refuge offers, especially in times of drought. Fallon NWR shares boundaries with Bureau of Reclamation, State and private landowners so developing good communications with all is critical for habitat management.


What does the future hold for Fallon NWR?  Plans call for the refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan to be re-evaluated in the next few years, identifying how well habitat and wildlife management objectives, set forth in the 2002 CCP are being met.  Public involvement and input are important to the planning process, and we hope you will take an active interest, either individually or as a community. 


For information on Fallon NWR resource management plans, please contact the Stillwater NWR Complex Manager at 775/423-5128, or stop by our office at: 1020 New River Parkway, Suite 305 in Fallon, NV  89406.