Visitor Activities

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  • Hunting

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    Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge provides hunts for dove, deer, waterfowl, squirrel, and rabbit. Managed wisely, recreational use of renewable natural resources can occur while maintaining wildlife populations at levels compatible with the ecosystem. All hunting is governed by the state law where the hunt takes place and by refuge-specific regulations detailed in the refuge hunting brochure: Eufaula NWR Hunting/Fishing Regulations & Permit. Archery hunting for white-tailed deer and quota waterfowl hunts are the most popular hunts on the refuge. Hunting opportunities specifically for youth include a gun hunt on the Bradley Unit (GA) and youth and youth/adult waterfowl hunts (AL/GA).

  • Fishing

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    Since impoundment in the mid-1960s, Lake Eufaula (Walter F. George Reservoir) has had a national reputation for excellent largemouth bass fishing and is often called the “Big Bass Capital of the World.” Fishing is available on the refuge year-round. Bank fishing is limited to daytime use only, but there are no time restrictions for boat fishing. Except where noted in the Eufaula NWR Hunting/Fishing Regulations & Permit, state regulations apply. Please carry out all litter, most especially monofilament fishing line, as it can be hazardous to birds and other wildlife.

  • Wildlife Viewing

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    Alligators, deer, fox squirrels, raptors and songbirds are among the wildlife found on the refuge. The meandering eight-mile wildlife drive is a comfortable and accessible way to view the variety of upland and wetland habitats and their associated wildlife. An accessible observation tower overlooks the Houston Bottoms and provides waterfowl viewing during winter. The Uplands viewing platform provides birding opportunities year-round with raptors frequenting the surrounding open fields during late fall and winter. Eufaula NWR is a designated site on the Georgia Southern Rivers Birding Trail and the Wiregrass Birding Trail in Alabama. The U.S. Important Bird Area Committee has prioritized the refuge as globally significant for birds of conservation concern due to the high number of wintering rusty blackbirds.

  • Interpretation

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    “Connecting People with Nature”—The goal of interpretive programs is not just to inform but to nurture a relationship between visitors and nature and to inspire care and protection of our natural resources. With the help of the Friends of Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge, interpretive exhibits are brought to the public at such local events as Eufaula’s Indian Summer Arts and Crafts Festival in October and Christmas Parade in early December.

  • Photography

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    Ample opportunities to photograph plants, wildlife, and landscapes are available along the wildlife drive, the viewing platform, the observation tower, and the nature trail. Heavy, expensive equipment is not necessary. Small digital cameras work well and cell phones are a great way to send photos to friends and family as you experience the wonder of nature on the refuge. Don’t forget your binoculars, as well!