Beaver Run Trail

Beaver Trail

Beaver Run Trail in the heart of the Erie National Wildlife Refuge is a one mile loop with a spur trail at its eastern end. The trail takes the visitor through woods, along cultivated fields and past beaver ponds with their rich aquatic habitat. As with all areas of the refuge, nature abounds in all seasons. The naturalist will be pleasantly rewarded on a stroll through this unique and "lively" setting.

Download a map of the trail (pdf)

Sandstone Springhouse  

A short distance north of Beaver Run Trail on the west side of Hank's Road is a sandstone springhouse that was used to keep milk and foodstuffs cool (36-40 degrees) during much of the year. Cans of milk were kept cool in a waterproof trough.

Sandstone for the springhouse was of local origin. Bore holes drilled in the solid stone were filled with water which, in winter, froze to cleave the stone. The stones were finish dressed with sledge and chisel.

Getting There 

From Guys Mills, PA take PA 198 east .4 miles to Cooper Rd.(first on left) Continue straight for .6 miles (you will merge with SR1018 - unmarked) to Hanks Rd. on left Take Hanks Rd 1 mile to parking area on right.