California Tiger Salamander

Ambystoma californiense
CA Tiger Salamander 520

The California tiger salamander often appears to be smiling because of its broad mouth.  They are large and stocky as far as salamanders go and adults are known to eat small frogs and toads on occasion.  California tiger salamanders have similar life histories to the Santa Cruz long-toed salamander.  They stay in small mammal burrows in grasslands and uplands for most of the year before migrating to an emphemeral pond to breed when the winter rain begins.  Breeding ponds can be up to one mile away from the burrow depending upon surrounding area conditions.

There is no current population estimate of California tiger salamanders on the refuge, but they have been found during surveys a the Ellicott Unit.

Facts About California Tiger Salamander

Central CA populations federally listed as threatened in 2004

Average total length is 7.5 inches

Can remain active throughout the summer in its underground burrow system