Friends Group

Beach - Don Freiday/USFWS.

Friends organizations and community partners are valuable allies of the Refuge System. These groups are vital to fulfilling the Refuge System’s mission and goals. Each year they give generously of their time, expertise and resources and play important roles in conserving wildlife and their habitats along with serving the more than 45 million visitors who enjoy our refuges.

The Friends of Forsythe is a non-profit, 501(c)3, tax-exempt corporation that works closely with the Refuge. Friends are the bridge between the Refuge and the community, and contribute to its future by helping people understand that their actions today determine the legacy we leave for tomorrow.

We invite you to join. You can serve on the Board of Directors, assist as members of Advisory Committees, work in the Visitor Information Center and Nature Store, or provide your support by being a member. Please share your interest and experience. For more information, please go to