Visitor Activities

  • Forsythe Big Year


    To celebrate Forsythe Refuge's 80th Anniversary, we invite you to spend 2019 pursuing, watching and counting birds and other wildlife throughout the refuge. We will have year-end awards, quarterly check-ins on Facebook, and some monthly competitions.

    Learn more about the Big Year on the refuge.

  • Hunting

    Hunters in the sunset - USFWS.

    Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge provides excellent opportunities for both deer hunting and migratory bird hunting. All hunting is conducted following state and federal regulations and there are additional refuge-specific regulations; it is the hunter’s responsibility to know the applicable regulations. Hunters should consult the current New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Digest.

    Learn more about hunting on the refuge.

  • Fishing

    Fishing boat on the water - USFWS.

    The refuge provides both freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities. Fishing is subject to state and federal regulations.

    Learn more about fishing on the refuge.

  • Wildlife Viewing

    Wildlife Viewing

    There are many animals that live year-round on the Refuge, while other wildlife varies with the season. The Refuge is located on the Atlantic Flyway and serves as both a transitory point for migrating birds and a seasonal home for many species. Take a walk on the many trails. Look carefully for white tail deer, wild turkeys, and squirrels. Near the fresh water habitats watch for muskrats and otters. Mink can often be spotted as they forage for their next meal.

    Visit the Seasons of Wildlife page to learn about how wildlife viewing opportunities change seasonally.

     Forsythe Bird List (pdf)

  • Interpretation

    United Way Day of Caring - USFWS.

    There are public events throughout the year at Forsythe refuge including fishing derbies, Earth Day clean-ups and many others.

    Check out our events calendar to learn about upcoming events.

  • Environmental Education

    Environmental Education

    The Refuge, supported by the Friends of Forsythe, provides numerous educational programs. These initiatives are held both on and off site. Volunteers, many of whom are Volunteer Master Naturalists, present these programs and are often assisted by staff members. Contact the Refuge for more information on these programs.

    Visit our For Educators page to learn more about environmental education on the refuge.

  • Photography

    Young photographer in a tree - Eileen Woeller.

    The Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge is a photographer’s paradise. Whether you are looking for landscapes of water and open marsh, views of the skyline of Atlantic City, or photographs of the thousands of birds that inhabit the Refuge, you will find it all in this special place.

    Visit our photography page to learn more about photo opportunities on the refuge.