Hunters at sunset - USFWS.

In 2018, we updated the refuge hunt plan and it is now final. We offer several hunting seasons: deer, migratory bird, squirrel and turkey.

Hunting Maps

Download the maps below for access, parking, and refuge hunting information. Also, check out our interactive map to zoom in on your favorite hunting spot.


We are open for Spring Turkey season 2019.

    • Refuge lands overlay THA 14 and 16. You must draw a turkey tag from the State of New Jersey to hunt on refuge lands. See Hunt Maps for areas that are bow only. We are not requiring a refuge hunting permit for the spring 2019 turkey season.

      Permits are required to hunt on the refuge (Permit requirements will go into effect for the 2019 fall hunting season). 

        • We require a $25 annual hunting permit in addition to required state and federal permits, stamps, and licenses. One annual permit allows you to hunt all seasons. Reduced fees will be available for seniors and activity military. Hunting is free for youth (16 and under) and for people with disabilities that are in possession of an America the Beautiful Access Pass which may be obtained online or at our Visitors Information Center. You must enter deer lotteries to hunt any of the deer seasons. Annual permits go on sale March 1st each year.

        Over 1,100 acres of bow-only areas have been created on the refuge. 

        • Bow-only areas are observed for all deer, turkey, and squirrel seasons. Please be aware that some areas previously open to all weapon types have been changed to archery only. Check refuge hunt maps for more information. 

          DMZs 56, 57, 58 and 70 have been eliminated.

          • Refuge deer hunt areas have been absorbed into DMZ 22, 42, and 51. State dates and harvest limits apply. See Hunting Maps for more hunting information. The old DMZ 56 is now the 3-day Shotgun Hunt Area.

          We now have 4 hunting areas: Forsythe North, Forsythe South, 3-day Shotgun, and Goose.

            • Forsythe North, Forsythe South and 3-day Shotgun will be used to allocate deer lottery permits. Click here to look up permit allocations in each area.
              • The Goose area will be open to meet populations objectives, as needed.

                More hunting acreage available.


                      Changes to Deer program

                      We offer fall, winter, and permit bow, permit muzzleloader, permit shotgun, 6-day state firearm, and 3-day shotgun (near HQ area only). All hunts require entry into the refuge lottery via a refuge-based online system. The system will be available in summer 2019.
                      Stands left on the refuge during the season must be tagged with the hunter’s state-issued Conservation Identification Number (CID#) and must be removed at the end of the last day of the hunting season.
                      State regulations regarding hunter orange are in effect.
                      An area for youth and mobility impaired hunters will be available near the refuge HQ area.

                      Changes to Migratory Bird program

                      Unit names have been eliminated. Regulations are the same across all refuge lands.
                      Jump shooting is not permitted.
                      Shotshell possession limits have been eliminated.
                      The pond numbering system in the former Unit B (Gunning River) is no longer observed and will not be maintained.
                      An area for youth and mobility impaired hunters will be available.

                      If you have questions about the refuge hunt program, call us at 609-652-1665 between 8 AM and 4 PM, Monday-Friday.