For Educators

For Educators

School Field Trips

Please contact to set up a school field trip. Hands on, active learning activities are offered free of charge to preschool through college classes, including topics such as Migratory Birds, Seining, Marsh Mucking, Fiddler Crab Study, Pond Study, Forest Walk, Animal Puppets, and Children’s Nature Discovery Area and more. Visits can be two hours to a full day long, and we can handle up to one full busload of kids per day. Arrangements for programming must be made several weeks in advance by calling the Refuge and scheduling a date with the visitor services staff. The curricula adhere to the core content standards of the State of New Jersey.

Celebrating Urban Birds

Please contact to set up this educational opportunity. This educational initiative provides hands-on experiences for elementary school students who live in an urban environment. Its purpose is to connect these children with nature by emphasizing the birds that are already in the students’ urban setting. The basic program is provided by the Lab of Ornithology at Cornell University. The Friends of Forsythe received a grant from Cornell as seed money for the project. Fifteen urban birds are featured. This program began as the result of a request from a nearby, lower income, urban public school district and is in its third year. The volunteers who present these lessons go to the schools. It is an after school enrichment activity.

Home Schooling

Please contact to set up a program. There is an active network of parents who elect to educate their children at home. The programs presented at the Refuge are a part of the students’ science curriculum. The lessons are varied by grade and age level. These programs are held on site. Activities include, but are not limited to, bird identification, leaf and plant identification, seining, pond culture, etc.

Girl and Boy Scout Programs

Please contact to set up a scout program. Many different requirements may be met through activities on the refuge. Click the links below for details on scout programs. 


Girl Scout Activities


Boy Scout Activities

Curriculum Enrichment

Please contact to set up a program. Designed to support the science programs at area schools, these activities are held both at the home schools and at the Refuge. They are directly related to the studies at each school. The curricula adhere to the core competency standards of the State of New Jersey.

Download the field trip brochure (pdf)