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Spring shoreline cleanup - USFWS.


The refuge draws a lot of strength and support from our volunteers. People have contributed a couple hours a month to nearly a hundred hours a month. Every piece counts to make a refuge whole. Anyone is welcome to join us to staff our annual fishing event, mow lawns, pick up trash, join a bird survey, facilitate a nature walk, file, add pictures to our photo database, garden at the wonderful bayscape garden, trail work by cutting back plants, fill kiosks, and more.

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Friends Group

The refuge is lucky enough to have some great friends! The Friends of Eastern Neck have supported the refuge needs through volunteer hours and donating goods for refuge projects. Some projects include the Bayscape garden, Bayview Trail, and Eastern Neck Kayak Trail. The Friends can be reached by mail at Friends of Eastern Neck P.O. Box 450 Rock Hall, MD 21661. More information can be viewed at