Visitor Activities

  • Hunting


    The refuge offers fall and winter deer hunting and a youth spring turkey hunt. 

    2021-22 deer hunt information and regulations have been posted!

  • Fishing

    Learning to fish on the refuge - USFWS.

    There are three wonderful locations for fishing on the refuge. Visitors are permitted to fish at the tundra swan boardwalk, Ingleside car top boat launch, and at Bogles Wharf pier. Locations are prominently displayed on the map in the Refuge General Brochure. All visitors must follow state regulations for fishing.

  • Wildlife Viewing

    Observation platform - USFWS.

    The refuge is a place for bald eagles all year. Many wildlife can be seen while sitting back and quietly waiting their arrival including fox, deer, turkey, waterfowl, raccoon, beaver, and many song bird species. The refuge hosts over 240 species of birds, 18 species of mammals, and hundreds of butterflies can be seen. During winter the tundra swan visits the surrounding waterways.

    Learn more about trails & boardwalks on the refuge.

    Eastern Neck general brochure (2600 KB pdf)

    Bird checklist brochure (320 KB pdf)

  • Interpretation

    Interpretive booth - USFWS.

    Exhibits interpreting the wildlife and history of Eastern Neck NWR can be found at the refuge Visitor Contact Station, which is open daily.  In addition, informational and interpretive kiosks are located at multiple points of interest and trail heads around the refuge.  Please call our office for more information, 410-639-7056.

  • Photography

    Snapping turtle - USFWS.

    Many visitors make a special annual trip to see the tundra swans swimming and honking along the shoreline of the refuge. The swans spend winter with us eating grasses and resting before heading north in the late winter. Bald eagles nest at the refuge and can be seen flying all year.

    Unmanned aircraft (such as drones) are strictly prohibited to maintain public health and safety and to protect refuge resources.  Launching, landing or operating unmanned aircraft from or on lands and waters administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service within the boundaries of Eastern Neck NWR is prohibited.