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Driving Directions to Hunt Areas

To Ponds A5, A7, and A8 Check Station (Gold Street Entrance)

  • From 880, take 237 West 
  • Exit Lafayette/Great America 
  • At stop light, turn right 
  • Make another right at the Gold Street connector 
  • At the stop light, turn left onto Gold Street 
  • The entrance gate is on the left side of Gold Street - turn left into the parking lot between the World Financial Group Building (2099 Gold Street) and 2077 Gold Street. Drive back towards the gate with a string of locks before the railroad crossing. One of those locks will be a Refuge combination lock – please use the combo provided on your permit to open the lock. Once you are through the gate, go over the railroad tracks and follow the levee road to the right.
  • Remain on the levee road until you see Pond A8 at the top of the hill (old entrance route through the yellow gate). Turn left through chain link gate and follow levee road to the right. Follow levee until you reach hunter check in station where Pond A5 begins. 
  • A small dirt boat ramp is next to the check in station. Please park along the levee making room for vehicles to pass by. 

To Pond A3W Check Station

  •  From 880, take 237 West 
  • Exit Caribbean Drive – you will veer right 
  • Turn right at Borregas Avenue into the sewage treatment plant 
  • At the stop sign, turn left onto Carl Road 
  • Drive past the parking lot and towards the chain link fence. At the chain link fence, turn right and follow the levee road. 
  • When the levee road comes to a “T” turn left towards the chain link gate, which has a sign that reads, “Access with Permit Only.” A combination lock will be on the gate. 
  • Once through the gate, follow the levee road until you reach a paved road – this is where the hunter check in station is located. You will be able to park along the paved road and launch a boat from the paved road. 

To Ponds AB1, AB2, and A2E Check Station:  

  • From 101, take the Shoreline Parkway exit 
  • Head north toward the Shoreline Amphitheater 
  • Turn right onto Crittenden Lane and drive all the way to the end 
  • At the end of the paved road, continue up the hill past the A to Z tree removal sign (staying to the left). 
  • Drive up the hill over a green bridge and turn left at the levee “T.” There will be a gate with a Refuge sign and a combination lock – please use the combination provided on your permit. 
  • Drive through the gate and to the hunter check in station at Pond A2E. 
  • Hunters may park anywhere on this levee as long as long as access is kept available for other vehicles. 





Last Updated: May 05, 2013
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