Wetland Round-Up Field Trip Program in Alviso

Habitat Exploration

Environmental Education Center in Alviso

The Environmental Education Center (EEC) is located at 1751 Grand Blvd, Alviso.  It is surrounded by uplands, salt marshes, salt ponds, and freshwater tidal slough. The building which was designed for education, contains two classrooms, an auditorium and an enclosed observation tower. An open pavilion, trails, and a boardwalk through the salt marsh habitat make it easy to see and explore natural wonders of the South Bay. The building and portions of the trails are accessible to all people of varying abilities. Office hours at the EEC are Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.   

Wetland Round-up Field Trip

Dear Educators,

Last year, the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex staff began a work prioritization process to guide the optimal allocation of our limited funding and staffing capacity in the years ahead. Over the next six to eight months the focus of our planning effort will be the visitor services and educational programs we offer.

To provide refuge staff the time necessary to engage in this important evaluation and planning effort, we will not be offering our usual lottery for the Wetland Round-up Field Trip program (Fremont and Alviso) for spring 2018.

We encourage you to reach out to other local environmental education providers for field trip options. Please continue to check our website for updates and information about the 2018-2019 school year.

We appreciate your continued participation and support of our programs!


Genie Moore, Environmental Education Specialist
genie_moore@fws.gov, 408-262-5513 ext. 100

Tia Glagolev, Environmental Education Specalist
tia_glagolev@fws.gov, 510-792-0222 ext. 474

Jared Underwood, Refuge Manager
jared_underwood@fws.gov, 510-792-0222 ext. 125     


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