Wetland Round-Up Field Trip Program in Alviso

Habitat Exploration

Environmental Education Center in Alviso

The Environmental Education Center (EEC) is located at 1751 Grand Blvd, Alviso (North San Jose). It is surrounded by uplands, salt marshes, salt ponds, and a freshwater tidal slough. The building which was designed for education, contains two classrooms, an auditorium and an enclosed observation tower. An open pavilion, trails, and a boardwalk through the salt marsh habitat make it easy to see and explore natural wonders of the South Bay. The building and portions of the trails are accessible to all people of varying abilities.

Wetland Round-up Field Trip
Taste pickleweed in the salt marsh, and explore the wetland habitats on a Wetland Round-up Field Trip.

This field trip program is designed for up to 65 students in grades K-5. 

Wetland Round Up field trips are unlikely to be offered in 2020 - 2021. 

We are working on ways we can support distance learning.

In the meantime, don't forget all of the great resources, and activities in the Salt Marsh Manual. Click here to access the activities. 

Click here to access the story, A Home for Salty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szw7bty3WAc
Join the salt marsh harvest mouse as she looks for her perfect habitat on the edge of the San Francisco Bay. This story will introduce young learners to a variety of animals that live in the bayland habitats.
Challenge your students to make their very own board game! "Salty's board game" provides a creative way to introduce students to the life of one of the tiniest residents of the San Francisco Bay, Salty, the salt marsh harvest mouse! Students will have fun creating all of the pieces of this board game with materials found at home.  
Check back around Thanksgiving for more content!

For questions, please contact Tia_Glagolev@fws.gov


Classroom teachers new to the program are required to attend a FIELD TRIP WORKSHOP before participating in a field trip. 

This year we are requiring that returning schools send ONE teacher representative to a workshop to learn the new field trip format.   

It is strongly recommended that parent leaders and chaperones attend a FIELD TRIP WORKSHOP to learn how to lead the hands – on activities.


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