Scout and Youth Programs

Virtual Program Offerings 2020 -2021

Gardening for Pollinators

Join us for a virtual program to learn about pollinators, the world’s tiniest superheroes, who help plants, people and the environment! This program is for Brownies, and will complete the Connect section for the Project Pollinate Patch Program. Program will be offered via Zoom. For questions and to make reservations email:

Programs in Alviso

Programs in Alviso are sponsored by the Watershed Watchers Program and the San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society and are hosted at the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. These programs are offered to meet badge/patch requirements. Badges are not provided.  Programs are offered from September-May only. The programs offered are: 

  • Webelos Adventure Into the Wild - geared toward boys around 10 years old. 
  • Daisies - geared toward girls age 5-7
    • 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals, Sessions 1-6
    • Between Earth and Sky, Sessions 1-5
  • Brownies - geared toward girls age 7-9
    Journeys: WOW! Wonders of Water
    Badges (from WOW badge activity set):
     • Household Elf: Make a natural cleaner, log on ways to save water, trash cleanup, discover natural filters
     • Hiker: Go over trail map, leave no trace, detective hike with birds
    LiA Award 
  • Juniors - geared toward girls age 9-11
     • Get Moving! 
    Badges (from Get Moving badge activity set):
     • Gardner: Outdoor garden, native plant garden design, seasonal plants, seeds and soil, plant own native plant to take home
    Badges (from aMUSE badge activity set):
     •Animal Habitats: puppet show, explore 5 different habitats, make bird house, learn about endangered wetlands and animals, help clean up
  • Cadette - geared toward girls age 11-14
     • Breath - Sessions 1 & 3
    Badges (from MEdia badge activity set)
     • Night Owl: Field Trip - Night Sky Party, Nocturnal Animals
     • Animal Helpers
     • Field Day: Fremont - Amazing Race
Email the Watershed Watchers Program Coordinator at to make a reservation and to customize your visit.

Programs in Fremont 
The Visitor Center in Fremont offers Webelos programs for up to 15 Webelos. Siblings are welcome. These programs are at scheduled times and are docent-led. These programs are geared toward children around 10 years old.  Badges are not provided. Programs will be listed in the Tideline  Newsletter and in the calendar on the home page.

Other Alternatives 
Because these programs fill up quickly, scouts and other youths are also invited to make reservations for other weekend programs at the Visitor Center in Fremont and the Environmental Education Center in Alviso that may be suitable to their badge/patch needs. Please see the calendar on the home page for programs and dates.