Resource Management

Resource Mgt: 512x219 Prescribed Burn - DLWMD

A number of management activities are utilized within the Devils Lake Wetland Management District. Grassland habitat management, water level management of wetlands, wildlife and habitat surveys, law enforcement and visitor services opportunities are promoted to benefit wildlife, habitat and people.

Devils Lake Wetland Management District manages approximately 210,717 acres of district lands that include temporary, seasonal, and permanent wetlands.  These wetlands primarily provide habitat needed by waterfowl in spring and summer for nesting and feeding.  Primary objectives of the District are wetland habitat preservation and improvement, waterfowl and wildlife production, maintenance of migration habitat and provision of winter cover for resident wildlife.  

Wetland and grassland habitat are managed for waterfowl, other migratory birds, and many other species of wildlife.  Rotational grazing, haying, and prescribed burning are common techniques used to improve and maintain grasslands for nesting birds.  These public lands help sustain North America's waterfowl populations by providing secure wetland and grassland habitats.