Visitor Activities

Visitor Activities: 512x219 Birdwatching - DLWMD
  • Hunting

    Hunting: 150x118 Hunting - Ryan Lehr

    Hunting opportunities are available on Waterfowl Productions Areas, Wildlife Development Areas (Bureau of Reclamation lands managed by the Fish and Wildlife Service) and Lake Alice National Wildlife Refuge. Click here for a WPA mapper link to see public areas open to hunting.

    Special regulations are in place for Waterfowl Production Areas (brochure link) . Please note that certain Waterfowl Production Areas are closed to hunting (link to special regulations).

    To find out more about hunting opportunities, seasons and regulations on Lake Alice National Wildlife Refuge, please refer to the Lake Alice National Wildlife Refuge “Hunting” section, or contact our office at (701) 662-8611.

  • Fishing

    Fishing: 150x118 Fishing - USFWS

    Fishing is allowed on most waterfowl production areas within the Wetland Management District; however, fishing opportunities are limited as the majority of wetlands on Waterfowl Production Areas are shallow and do not support fish populations.

    Fishing is not permitted on Hart, Nelson, Vold and Kellys Slough Waterfowl Production Areas in Grand Forks County.

    Fishing opportunities are available at Ardoch National Wildlife Refuge, Lake Alice National Wildlife Refuge, Rose Lake National Widlife Refuge and Silver Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Refuge specific regulations apply and vary from one Refuge to the next. Click here to access the latest ruling on fishing regulations specific to these 4 Refuges.

    For a great place to reconnect with a favorite childhood activity or to try it for the first time, make plans to fish at a national wildlife refuge soon. Find more information with our on-line Guide to Fishing on National Wildlife Refuge.

  • Wildlife Viewing

    Wildlife Viewing: 150x118 Wildlife Viewing - DLWMD

    The Devils Lake Wetland Management District Complex offers a variety of wildlife viewing opportunities. From prairie and wetland species on Waterfowl Production Areas to woodland birds at Sullys Hill NGP, there is a diversity of wildlife viewing opportunities.

    Captive elk and bison herds at Sullys Hill National Game Preserve offer additional wildlife viewing opportunities not typically found on National Wildlife Refuge System lands.

    Kellys Slough is an important migration stopover for shorebirds. Up to 22 species of shorebirds have been sighted on the refuge during the month of July.

  • Interpretation

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    Interpretive activities allow visitors to make their own connections with nature. Programs and events are within the Devils Lake Wetland Management District are posted on the Sullys Hill National Game Preserve Facebook page on a regular basis. We encourage you to “like” us and gain access to all our scheduled events and daily happenings.

  • Environmental Education

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    Environmental Education opportunities within the Devils Lake Wetland Management District Complex are focused at Sullys Hill National Game Preserve. Please contact Sullys Hill National Game Preserve for Environmental Education opportunities.

  • Photography

    Photography: 150x118 Photography - DLWMD

    Perhaps the fastest growing activity on national wildlife refuges in the past ten years has been wildlife photography. That’s not surprising. Digital cameras and cell phones are increasing the number of nature photographers at a rapid rate. You don’t need to purchase expensive equipment or have any experience to get started. A small camera or basic cell phone will do just fine for most visitors.