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Wildlife is the first priority in the Devils Lake Wetland Management District, and the Service provides numerous recreation opportunities to thousands of visitors every year.  It is a goal to provide visitors with quality opportunities to enjoy hunting, fishing, trapping, wildlife observation, photography and other compatible wildlife-dependent recreation on District lands and expand their knowledge and appreciation of the prairie landscape and the National Wildlife Refuge System. 


Directions, Address and Contact Information:

Devils Lake Wetland Management District Headquarters
221 2nd Street NW, Suite 2
Devils Lake, ND 58301
Phone: 701-662-8611
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., excluding federal holidays  

Points of Interest

The District is located within the heart of the Prairie Pothole Region of the United States and offers a unique opportunity for wildlife viewing and observation on numerous Waterfowl Production Areas (WPAs) and national wildlife refuges.     

The Devils Lake Wetland Management District includes over 200 scattered Waterfowl Production Areas in northeast North Dakota. The District office is located in Devils Lake, ND and is also the headquarters location for Kellys Slough National Wildlife Refuge, Lake Alice National Wildlife Refuge, and Sullys Hill National Game Preserve.  WPA mapper is an application designed to provide an overview of Fee Titles lands in the Small Wetlands program in Fish and Wildlife Service Regions 3 and 6.  You may use it to locate WPAs within the Devils Lake District.  All boundaries shown are approximate, they are not legal descriptions and errors may exist.  Public lands shown are not open to unlimited access, you must obey access rules and boundary signs, know local regulations and stay off private property.

Waterfowl Production Areas   

WPAs provide many opportunities for year-round outdoor enjoyment. Hunting and trapping are permitted within State seasons, under applicable Federal and State laws. In addition, WPAs offer excellent opportunities for wildlife observation, photography, and environmental study. Foot travel is permitted and encouraged, but please remember that motorized traffic is strictly prohibited. 

Refuges within the District    

Sullys Hill National Game Preserve is located on the south shore of Devils Lake on North Dakota Highway 57.  The Visitor Center is an excellent location to start your experience containing a staffed book store and exhibit hall and is staffed seasonally.   

Kellys Slough National Wildlife Refuge is located 8 miles west and 3 miles north of Grand Forks, ND.  The refuge was established in 1936 as a refuge and breeding ground for migratory birds and other wildlife. Visitors can view and learn about wildlife from the overlook.   

Lake Alice National Wildlife Refuge is located in Ramsey and Towner counties near the town of Church's Ferry, North of Penn and West of Garske and is open for hunting of several game species in accordance with State seasons and special Refuge regulations. 

Visitors are invited to stop in at the Wetland Management District headquarters in Devils Lake, North Dakota, for additional information regarding activities on U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service land.