Vehicular Travel

Backcountry Road

Road conditions constantly change. Check current road conditions for updates, closures, or hazardous conditions. Road closed signs are posted for your safety. 


If you are going beyond Corn Creek, you need a high-clearance vehicle, and four-wheel drive is suggested. Make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip - check your tires, fuel, fluids, and battery. The most common problem people experience is a flat tire – a spare, and the means to change it, are a must!

Only street legal vehicles are allowed in the refuge. All motorized vehicles must be licensed and registered for highway use – if you couldn’t legally drive it to get to the refuge, you can’t drive it on the refuge.  

To protect our wildlife and their habitats, operation of off-highway (OHVs), including but not limited to all-terrain cycles and quads, is not permitted on the refuge. For nearby locations where OHV use is permitted, please visit the Nevada Off-Highway Vehicles Program

Please protect wildlife habitat - stay on designated roads.