Alamo Road

Alamo Road

This rugged road traverses over 70 miles (113 km) to connect Desert NWR to Pahranagat NWR and Alamo. While the Dry Lake portion of the road is often impassable and closed due to hazardous conditions, there are many stops along the way that make it an excellent trip.

  • Hidden Forest

    Hidden Forest Cabin

    Approximately 16 miles (26 km) north of Corn Creek is Deadman Canyon, the trailhead for Hidden Forest. Starting among the creosote and Joshua trees, this six mile (9 km) hike travels through three life zones to a historic log cabin nestled among the ponderosa pine.

  • Hayford Peak

    Hayford Peak

    A strenuous, yet rewarding 2.5 mile (4 km) hike from Hidden Forest Cabin, Hayford Peak is the highest point in the refuge at 9,912 feet (3,021 m). Dotted with twisted bristlecone pines, the oldest living organisms in the world, the scenic views from the top are breathtaking.