Visitor Activities

photo of the marsh taken from an airplane with waterfowl circling over the water

Because the Refuge is accessible only by boat, most visitors visit for sportfishing and hunting. Other public uses include wildlife viewing, photography, and exploring by watercraft.  




  • Fishing

    Photo of an angler holding a large redfish while standing in a boat in the marsh

    Coastal and marsh fishing can be spectacularly good in the richly productive habitat at the delta. Redfish, speckled trout, and flounder are the most commonly sought fish. Recreational fishing and crabbing are allowed in designated areas of the Refuge in accordance with state regulations. Refuge specific regulations can be downloaded at the link below. During state waterfowl season, all public entry is prohibited between Main Pass and Raphael Pass, to provide sanctuary for wintering waterfowl and migratory birds.

    Delta NWR general hunting and fishing regulations brochure

  • Hunting


    Within the Refuge, areas north of Main Pass and south of Raphael Pass are open to hunting during the state waterfowl season. Refuge areas outside that zone are set aside to provide sanctuary for wintering waterfowl and migratory birds and are closed to hunting. The most productive hunting areas are the splays and bayous north of Main Pass. Migratory game bird, upland game, and archery only hunting of white-tailed deer and hog are allowed on designated areas of the refuge in accordance with state and Refuge specific regulations. Download a map and Refuge Hunting Regulations below. These regulations, when read and signed serve as a free hunting permit for the Refuge.

    Delta NWR general hunting and fishing regulations brochure.