About Delevan National Wildlife Refuge

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Delevan National Wildlife Refuge is part of the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex.  It is situated about 80 miles north of Sacramento and four miles east of the town of Maxwell in Colusa County. The refuge consists of 5,877 acres consisting primarly of wetlands with some riparian and grassland habitats.

Delevan NWR was established in 1962 with funds from the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp Act (today it is known as the Federal Duck Stamp). It was established to provide feeding and nesting areas for migratory birds however other major objectives include providing habitat and manage for endangered, threatened, or sensitive species of concern; preserving a natural diversity and abundance of flora and fauna; alleviating crop depredation; and providing visitor service activities such hunting and wildlife observation. 

Waterfowl are present September through April and numbers peak with nearly 415,000 ducks and over 150,000 geese. The refuge supports one of the largest known populations of palmate-bracted birds-beak (Federally listed endangered plant species) and significant breeding colonies of tricolored blackbirds. Delevan is also an important wintering grounds for Tule Greater White-fronted Geese.


Visitor Opportunities:

Wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities are limited from Maxwell Road and Four Mile Road which border the refuge (click here to see a map, pdf). A photography blind is available between October and March but reservations are required. Waterfowl and pheasant hunting are permitted seasonally on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Waterfowl and pheasant hunting is permitted seasonally.  Access the Complex's hunting webpage for more information.

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