Wildlife & Habitat

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  • Prothonary Warbler

    Warblers 150x118

    These bright-colored birds are usually seen during the summer season, then migrate to Central and South America for the winter. 

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  • Hooded Merganser

    Merganser 150x118

    These waterfowl are commonly seen around wetlands, farm ponds, and other small bodies of water where they can dive for food. 

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  • Marbled Salamander

    Salamander 150x118

    This amphibian is only one of many found in the hardwood forest of Mississippi, but is easily recognizable by the black and white pattern over its entire body. 

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  • Moist Soil and Temporary Wetlands

    Moist Soil 150x118

    Dahomey National Wildlife Refuge lies along the Mississippi Flyway, a major migration route for North American waterfowl. This moist soil habitat provides a perfect place for them to stop on the journey, and is maintained and managed by the refuge.

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  • Bottomland Hardwood Forest

    Hardwood Forest 150x118

    A habitat that once dominated this region, bottomland hardwood forests have drastically changed as a result of deforestation and growing local agriculture. Still, no matter what has changed, this forest is home to many plants and wildlife. 

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