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ScienceThe refuge conducts approximately 30 missions annually to look for injured or orphaned manatees resulting in approximately 8 manatee rescues each year.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service staff conducts bimonthly aerial manatee surveys to document the distribution and abundance of manatees within the refuge and Citrus County waters. The refuge staff also assists the U.S. Geological Survey with several manatee health assessments each winter. The refuge supports research conducted by other agencies within CRNWR and the Kings Bay Manatee Refuge including additional manatee research (universities, Sea to Shore Alliance, USGS), water quality (SWFWMD, Florida LakeWatch), fisheries (FFWCC), and habitat restoration (SWFWMD). 

 See Monitoring Manatee Health for more information on manatee captures and health assessments.

Page Photo Credits — Manatee with boat propeller marks by David Schrichte
Last Updated: Dec 03, 2014
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